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impressions > 10 billion
views > 350 million
> 10 Top 100 App Store placements
2,000+ High Ticket, Efficient, Creators
Average Target CPM of $2.49
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Campaign Management
Made Simple

Receive Campaign Data in Real time

Views and engagement data updating hourly. Compare creators, CTAs, and captions to optimize campaign performance.

Never miss a deadline

Automated reminders to ensure great promotions get done on time. Track video status for all enrolled creators all in one place.

Review drafts and provide instant feedback

Reduce friction by reviewing drafts and providing feedback all from the app. Our creators are notified as soon as there are revisions to be made. Better promotions, in less time.

Powerful Features

With a suite of tools for managing content creation, tracking performance, and engaging with influencers, Tiddle helps you maximize the impact of your social media marketing campaigns.

Manage Campaings

All campaign information in one spot. Search enrolled creators, accept new creators, track creator promotion progress, and find posted videos.

Approve and submit

Get notified as soon as creators submit their drafts. Review, submit revisions, and approve promotions. All from your phone or desktop.


Campaign analytics updated every hour. Track views and interactions across every single promotion from enrolled creators. Get detailed CPM and engagement data to optimize scripts, hashtags, creators and video ideas.


Streamlined campaign process reduces the time from idea to posted video. Get better results, faster.

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Get in touch with the most talented trendsetters on
TikTok that match your brand values and style.

Faster. More effective.

Track the data at real speed and implement new ideas, changes and improvements faster than ever.

Reduce expenses.

Track the data at real speed and implement new ideas, changes and improvements faster than ever.

Make an Impact.

Easily reach niche audiences and send more powerful and far-reaching messages across the globe.

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Use the our creator's reach and authenticity for better human-centered and money-saving advertising. Creators are the pulse of the internet, partner with them to create fantastic, high converting ads for your brand today.

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