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impressions > 10 billion
views > 350 million
Multiple Top 10 App Store placements
2,000+ High Ticket Creators
Average Target CPM of $2.49

Brands we're going VIRAL with:


Exposed - #1 App Store

Tiddle is great to work with and always understands our needs! They have a perfect mix of influencers and we have seen great organic results. They are the best at optimizing creatives using TikTok's ads manager. For the following months after our collaboration, we have stayed in the top 3 of the game category on the App Store.

Simon François


Wizz - Top 5 App Store

We're really happy to work with Tiddle! They're not only efficient but also our go-to partner for scaling up. Tiddle offers a fantastic variety of profiles and options that fit our needs perfectly. Plus, our contact Emmett is super responsive and attentive. Excited to keep working together!

Jodie Renassia
Head of Growth


Buz - Top 10 App Store

As our long term partner, we can always rely on Tiddle to provide us with the highest performing TikTok influencers. They always fulfill our ever-changing needs for our new campaign strategies!

Amanda Chen



Working with the team at Tiddle has been extremely successful!

Jayden Dupuis
Influencer Marketing

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